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Introducing our
Art Course
for Beginners

The Fundamentals art course at My Amazing Art Class is specifically tailored for beginners. No prior experience is necessary!


We welcome anyone interested in learning artistic techniques, who enjoy the good company of others in a relaxed setting. There is no judgement, only encouragement.

Our talented Tutors give live demonstrations so you can see exactly what to do, and they provide one-on-one guidance while you are working on a subject. This is different to most other art schools where they are often self directed. With My Amazing Art Class, you will learn quickly under our guidance, and soon be producing art work to be proud of.

The Fundamentals art course spans 12 lessons, with all equipment supplied throughout the course. Our 3hr lessons are held once per week (various times depending on the venue location), and there are three mediums we cover as we progress through the course;

  • Sketching

  • Watercolour Painting

  • Acrylic Painting


Join our Fundamentals course and get your art off to a great start.

Sign up today to start your colourful journey and discover your inner artist?

Get Inspired
Here is a selection of images from our beginner art lessons.

Asset 2.png

Learn About My Amazing Art Class

Thanks for your interest in our Art School. I'm sure you have plenty of questions about what we offer and how this can help you. You will find lots of good information about our art course in our FAQ section, or you can browse our website.

If you would like us to get in touch with you, we would love to help. Please complete the contact form below and we will contact you directly.
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